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Cut Handle Brown 28x20x10cm

Introducing our Die Cut Handle Paper Bags, perfect for light weight packing of fashion accessories, tops, shirts, magazines, books, and lightweight stationary. Whether you're attending an event, throwing a party, or running a cafe, these bags are ideal for use as take-away paper bags. They are not only practical but also environmentally friendly, making them a great choice for businesses and individuals looking for sustainable packaging solutions. With their sturdy construction and convenient handles, these paper bags are designed for easy and stylish transportation of your items. Upgrade your packing and transportation experience with our Die Cut Handle Paper Bags today!


Please check specification and recommended packing weight. 


Cut Handle Brown 28x20x10cm

₨24.00 Regular Price
₨19.20Sale Price
  • Specs

    Recommneded packing weight based on size from 700-1200grams

    Exceeding max weight may tear the handle

    Gsm 100-120

    Size variation 1cm

Rough Surface
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