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How it's packed reflects how much you care for what you pack

Paper bag is the final packing of your product and an important component as it speaks the value of the content it holds when it leaves your store carrying your brand to a destination not known to you and the bag with your logo turns to a walking billboard.

 We make customized Paper Bags or pick from our standard sizes available in many colors to suite your store, event or anything that needs packing. Call us or visit our store to know more about walking billboards. 

Our Story


PAPER BAG SHOP was established in 2017 in Horana, Srilanka with a fully equipped state of the art production line capable of manufacturing paper bags with value addition within the same compound to cater to various industries from fashion stores , food outlets to events, with a capacity of 5 million bags a month. Our customers can also visit  our sales & display showroom in  Kolpity Colombo 3 to experience our products and services or to discuss the requirements  in detail.

Our main raw material is recycled paper from Europe produced by reputed mills which are free of odor  and certified food safe. Our main products are Carrier Bags which are mostly used in shop stores, events or for general purpose and Counter top bags, used in the food industry in cafes, pastry shops, restaurants and schools. 

Paper is made with trees grown in “Tree Farms” grown specifically to produce pulp for the manufacturing paper which comes under Sustainable Forest Management. Our  waste is sold to paper mills to convert the waste back to paper. The same recycled paper is purchased to produce paper bags and the cycle continues.

Srilanka is in the infant stage in changing to environmentally friendly packaging. A gradual change is seen in consumers and business entities to adopt more environmentally friendly packaging, more willingly than before.


Our objective is to support change towards a more environmentally friendly packaging by establishing a partnership with the retail, food and the packaging industry. We will strive to reach our goal with the support of our well trained and dedicated team.


We not only manufacture to cater our customers, we support our peers by supplying raw material and accessories required for the production of paper bags, with the motive of encouraging to contribute to the industry and environment.

As per market trends and demand, PAPER BAG SHOP will continue to expand the line of products offered. We are ready to meet the market and will be looking for new opportunities and challenges to venture into.


We will support your brand to walk places and beyond. 


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