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Recycled Paper Bag 28x20x09cm

About Recycled Bags

These bags were made for orders, but for many reasons they got left behind for either change of design, print errors or change of size. These bags get sent for pulping to be recycled to make paper without being used even once for what it was made for, leaving behind carbon foot prints and wasted resources.


Our team came up with an idea to give life to these bags and to send them on their promised journey in travelling places rather than sending them to be converted to paper without achiving their dreams.


We pasted a blank dark colour label to cover those didnt pass due to print errors. The process is time consuming and cost more than to produce a fresh bag. Regardless we decided to continue to send a message that paper bags can be recycled and reused many times supporting in reducing carbon foot prints and the burden placed on The Earth.


One small step taken by Paper Bag Shop Team towards a sustainable future expecting more to join.....

Recycled Paper Bag 28x20x09cm

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  • Description

    We offer a variety of paper bags that come with twisted paper rope handles or die cut handles. These bags are made with brown and white kraft and are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes for you to choose from. They are perfect for packaging merchandise in retail stores or outlets, as well as for events, parties, and takeaways in restaurants and cafes. Our bags are priced competitively and are unmatched in quality. We welcome wholesale inquiries.

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