Brown Flat Bottom

Flat Bottom paper bag is a cost effective packaging to use in restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, candy stores, events or any occasion which demands packing at low cost. 

Also available Flat Bottom with Window, ideal for displaying  cookies, spices or home made sweets.

The difference between a FLAT BOTTOM and a SQUARE BOTTOM is Flat Bottom is less in price, lower in thickness, has a "V" shape bottom, does not form a square bottom once packed and will not stand upright.

Brown Flat Bottom

  • Specifications

    Mini 18x10x4cm

    Small 20x12x6cm

    Medium 28x12x8cm

    Large 37x12x3.5cm

    Large1  37x10x3.5cm

    XL  33x18x7cm

    XXL 40x26x6cm

    XXL2- 36x26x10cm

    XXL3- 35x23x9cm

    Variation 1cm



    50-70 gsm

Herbs and Minerals
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